Muskmelon Cooler


Muskmelons are known for their high water content which makes it an ideal fruit to consume during summers. Also beneficial for people struggling to lose weight (like me) as Muskmelons contain very few calories. The juicy fruit is perfect for diabetics too as well as pregnant woman as it contains a very high amount of folate. Helps reduce constipation due to its fibre content too.

I buy Muskmelons regularly as its filling, juicy & can be added to salads too which I make often at home for dinner. Also, Narayan & me prefer fresh home made juices or mocktails that are low in sugar. We avoid using soda in our drinks as much as possible. I made this mocktail on a hot n humid summer evening here in Mumbai when all we both wanted to drink was something chilled n juicy. Had muskmelon at home, so quickly gathered all the ingredients (frankly…

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